6S FPV Freestyle | Rebel v2 CMW Stick Frame

Couple clips from testing out the new setup and making sure everything works on 6s.

Thank you Ryan and Neill for the frame.

Thank you Catalyst Machineworks, and Rebel for your support.

CMW Stick Frame
Rebel v2 2306 2450kv
Spedix 30a
Omnibus v3
Runcam Micro 60deg.
5045×2 v2
Rebel 1580 6s

Gopro Session 50 deg.

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18 Responses

  1. dylan sevier says:

    Where can I buy this frame?

  2. Frank Sarfino says:

    Love it Sean, Nice to see some new footage from you

  3. Bonemyster FPV says:

    Next time adjust your voices sound gain to equal the levels of your music because i had to raise my volume for your voice and then lower the volume once the flying started because it was way to loud.

  4. MadPr0ps 1 says:

    How did you switch out the quad you showed in the beginning for a 3D quad? Must be the magic of editing….

  5. qtrx_fpv says:

    So dope Mann!!!!!

  6. wiflyrc says:

    Hang time for days.

  7. Vibrating Frequencies says:

    Gangster hang time.

  8. Ben Jones says:

    One kiss from a leaf and it’s down

  9. DawntreaderUK says:

    You are the master of high tilt dude. This is amazing. You actually have the best flow of anybody with that much tilt.
    I hate watching most of it.

  10. Icarus says:

    Looks like our replacement Matty has arrived!

  11. Jarrod Bath says:

    Well it damn sure appears everything is working on that quad. Freaking awesome skills bro!!!

  12. taatoken says:

    Thank you for using different music from everyone coffee shop music. sometime I wanna slang drugs, ride in my swang, and fly 6s

  13. sean dolan says:

    Nice quad man. Missed you 🤔 I was happy to see your name come up😆😎

  14. [WTTM] Whispers To The Machines says:


  15. ledbetter says:

    Wicked vid.

  16. M Williams says:

    Mattystuntz has passed the torch amazing flying

  17. Kris S FPV says:

    very nice flow , awesome maneuvers

  18. Growler Drones says:

    tight tatight tight

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