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Long Range FPV, FPV Flying Wing Long Range Flight, with SNL Flight Controller. A Visit to Smokey Chimney Long Range FPV Dart XL SNL Flight Controller. Weather was good and my Long range FPV Senses were tingling for a good FPV Flight. So I thought why not re make my old Famous FPV flight of Visiting the Smokey Chimney and Throw in a bonus FPV Flying Under bridge. So I brought my Dart XL out. Its perfectly setup with SNL Flight controller. The only change today I did was to replace my 600mW Video Transmitter with TurboWing 1000mW video transmitter. Using AOMWAY Diamond Patch antenna on my FPV video goggles Skyzone V3, I can actually go 8km without losing video if I keep the plane at good altitude. So This flight went very well and I was also able to test all the features of SNL once again which definitely work flawlessly.

Enjoy the Flight and if you want to see original video that I did previously with MTD Plane 10 miles FPV Adventures, its here.

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