APCS 2019 ATV Racing Round 4 Freedom MX02:46

American Powersport ATV Championship Series 2019
Round 4 at Freedom MX #APCS
For More information: http://americanpowersports.org/
Contact: Michele Wright Manshack

APCS (American Powersports ATV Championship Series) is a racing body that encourages family’s that share the same passion to come together and compete in a fair fun atmosphere. We understand that racing is racing but in all fairness, petty arguing about rules, track conditions, weather, someone’s oversized engine in their quad, etc. is not something anyone wants to hear. Bear in mind, we all spend lots of money to come out on the weekend and enjoy ourselves, the last thing any of us need is drama. Please help keep this professional.

Round 5: June 8/9 TBA (This will be 2nd Round of 3 round 2 stroke A/B Classes)

Round 6: July 6/7: Three Palms GP Track (UTV Round)

Round 7: August 3/4 : Freestone Mx (No UTV Round)

Round 8: September: 7/8 Oak Hill Mx

Round 9: October 5/6 Splendora Mx(UTV Round) 3rd Round of 2 stroke A/B classes

Looking forward to a fun, safe and competitive 2019.

Thank you to everyone who supports us and the tracks who allow us to enjoy our passion.

Team Black Sheep (TBS) https://www.team-blacksheep.com/

Shendrones #squirt v2 http://www.shendrones.com/squirt-v2
Shendrones #gordo 5x https://shendrones.myshopify.com/collections/frames/products/gordo-5x

Flightone https://flightone.com/

Caddx FPV cams http://caddx.us/

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