Awestruck – First Person View Aerial Photography (Drone Showreel)04:55


Come with me on an adventure where we warp space time using the magic of modern day technology. My first stab at a showreel using a wide mix of shots from various unreleased footage- I hope you enjoy this journey and take another with me!

Editing, Flying, and Filming by Zoe Stumbaugh

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IQ Motion Control setup is running a Omnibus Fireworks F4 board running BetaFlight. Each machine is using the APC 5×4 3D Prop, and Flying Bear-01 frame from California Quads on top of a Foxeer Predator and a ImmersionRC Tramp for consistency, the only difference is the FC and power system.

KISS FC v1, KISS 24amp ESC’s v1.3 running latest stable release of firmware, not sure when this bug was introduced. No DSHOT support for 3D mode yet, so no use in using v2 hardware till it’s fixed. Also, this machine flew “Fine” before this flight but suffererd from random freak-outs like seen in the video, it was just opportune that it happened on the first inverted attempt. 8

Helio Spring FC, Wraith32 Metal ESC’s, APC 5×4 3D Props, and Tattu R-Line 1300mah 5s battery with a GoPro Session 5 on board… and of course running my 2010-2400kv motors. I’m committed to getting both non IQ Motion Control rigs working better for another comparison.

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Thunderstruck – 2Cello

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