Drone Drop Box Subscription FPV Racing Drone Goodies (07.24.2017)

Drone Drop Box Subscription – Your Monthly Drone Drop Box. A monthly box of tried and tested FPV components and accessories to meet the most demanding pilots needs. Drone drop offers only essential items for you to use, and for you to replenish your accessories. Drone Drop makes sure we deliver consistent, and fun drops every month. Drone Drop asks for your feedback, good or bad, so we stay on top of the hobby. Drone Drop strives to earn your trust by giving you a reliable service.We are a company flown by pilots! Drone Drop knows what it’s like to get products that don’t work, aren’t worth our time, and don’t meet our demanding needs. Money is something Drone Drop just can’t seem to save in our hobby. Because of that, Drone Drop made the price of our box the average cost of a VTX. How’s that for a deal? Drone Drop accepts Paypal, and all major credit cards. Choose whichever is best for you!

Orders placed before the 10th of the month will make the deadline. Orders will be shipped the week of the 15th and will arrive 7-10 days after. Didn’t make the deadline? No worries! Pre-Order your box for next month!
Website: https://droneboxdrop.com/

Other videos about Drone Drop Box service:

Drone Drop Partners with these companies:
Furious FPV: https://furiousfpv.com/
Team Blacksheep: http://www.team-blacksheep.com/
Tattu Batteries: http://official.tattu-world.com/
Brain 3D: https://www.brain3d.co/
Candy Quads: https://candyquads.com/Quad-Frames
Racekraft: https://racekraft.com/

Motors received in the July Drone Drop Box subscription Service:
ZMR X20 2205 2522KV:
ZMX Fusion X20 2205-2522KV

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