Drone Racing Essence [ FPV | DRONE RACING | ROTORACER | RR210 ]

Here’s a compilation of recent training sessions with dronas (https://www.youtube.com/dronasy). 3 different tracks – same intensity. Starting to really feel for longer courses. Simply put – your HIGH lasts longer ! And its way more intense – more SPEED and RIVALRY. The track had +800m. Fastest lap was 27s. You can do the math, but the average speed was +100km/h – not too bad for 5′ with TWO GoPro’s onboard, eh?

Music: System Of A Down – Chop Suey! (Gillepsy Remix) – WHAT A TUNE !!!!!

Full Setup(s):
– RR210 // RR240 prototype (2nd & 3rd track)
– Naze32 // SP Racing F3 (BorisB BetaFlight)
– RCX 2205 2633KV // Cobra 2206 2100KV
– LittleBee 20A (BLheli 14.3) // KISS 30A
– Sony Super HAD CCD 600TVL (2.5mm)
– Gens Ace Tattu 4s 75C 1550
– DAL V2 5045BN // KK6040
– GoPro 4

– FatShark Dominator HD
– Taranis 9XD Plus (mode 2)


I’m Dronksy. I love mixing art and flight into one. Sometimes it involves risk, sometimes its not entirely legal – sacrifices have to be made. Art is a REBEL.

FPV Mini Quad / Quadcopter is just a tool, but it gives one so much freedom and ability to express. I like to think that if I could fly in my dreams, it would look exactly like this! Then there is adrenaline – and I’m an adrenaline junkie. I’ve been doing MMA, skydiving, motor racing, but Drone Racing gives me a kick like nothing else!

I’ll be honoured if you follow my journey to be the best pilot I can: https://www.youtube.com/c/dronksyfpv?…

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