Eachine E010S First Flights – The best indoor drone racing value Banggood

You can get one right now: Eachine E010S Camera Drone: http://bit.ly/E010S

Indoor drone racing here to stay! And the options for it keep getting better, faster, and cheaper. You had several options for a microdrone, build it (Tiny Whoop), or buy it Inductrix FPV. To build it you had get an Inductrix or E010 and add a camera, upgrade the motors, and maybe even swap out the flight controller. Or you could buy an Inductrix FPV for over $100. Now Eachine has taken all the guesswork out with the Eachine E010S. Out of the box, for half the price of the Inductrix FPV, you get all the upgraded components and it will work natively with your FrSky, Flysky or DSM compatible transmitter. So if you have a radio and goggles all you need is the E010S, and some extra batteries. Even if you don’t already have them this may still be the way to go because you can pick up good components listed below that you can reuse when you are ready to get something bigger, or different. It was kind of hard to get setup, there is a video on that coming later, but once it was going this is now my ‘go to’ indoor racing drone.

To Get Started Get These:

Eachine E010S Camera Drone: http://bit.ly/E010S
Make sure you pick the receiver that matches your radio
and extra batteries
Extra 45C E010 Batteries: http://bit.ly/45CMulticharger

If you need a radio get one of these:

Beginner Flysky Good Radio: http://bit.ly/FlyskyFSi6X
Expert FrSky GREAT Radio: http://bit.ly/EGTaranisX9D

Get these googles: (I’ve removed the other options because this is a no brainer now)

Eachine Upgrade Goggles with DVR: http://bit.ly/VRD2FPV

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