Look, I am just getting started – I suck and I crash a lot! You will too…. You can focus on simulators for flying drones, but real world physics and equipment limitations have no substitute!

Now, I do not do this full time – I work 2 full time jobs, raise kids, and have a variety of interests/hobbies… So, with little sleep I am able to focus on YouTube. I would love to be able to do this more but I need your support to get there… A like, a share, a comment…. these are the core of why I do this! I get to feel connected to like minded individuals from all over the world! But, spending $25 a month to maintain higher level video/music production is taxing to maintain this! So, please utilize the following link if subscribing to the music service I use: epidemicsound.com/referral/7sep26/

This will give me just one more month at no cost…. So less cost on me to give you something free…

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