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FlySKY Paladin PL18 Top of the range transmitter Range advertised as up to 3.5km range as is and up to 50km range with the FRM302 2W 2.4GHz module. High quality components like hall sensor gimbals and touch screen, very nice side sliders.
FLYSKY product page –
Flysky-FS-PL18-Paladin –
FlySky-FS-PL18-Paladin-Transmitter-Wireless-Charger –
FlySky-FTr10-2_4G-10CH-AFHDS-3-RC-Receiver –
FlySky-FRM302-2_4GHz-AFHDS-3-Transmitter-Module –
JR bay adapter –
FlySky-FS-CAT01-Altitude-Sensor –
Flysky-FS-CVT01-Voltage-Collection-Module –
Flysky-FS-RM003-Transmitter-Module AFHDS2A –

UPDATE: The LED lights do serve a purpose for alarms and successful binding, but just cycle through the colours at other times. There are also voice prompts in Chinese accented English, but they are preset and not assignable. RSSI shows on the screen but I’m not sure how to send it to a flight control board.

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► Knauf XPS Hot Wire Foam panels –
► GBC EZLOAD laminating film (May be discontinued) –
► Alternative 75 micron laminating film (not tried by me) –
► Depron and foam board – My 6mm and 3mm depron came from But from 2020 it seems they no longer sell proper depron. I have not found another supplier yet.

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