FMX Champion Tom Pagès Followed By A Racing Drone08:24

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When two of the best riders of their disciplines meet up… Tom Pagès on one side, who has been revolutionising Freestyle Motocross (FMX) for over a decade, and Tom ‘Tomz’ Panaiva on the other, one of the French pioneers of Freestyle drone.
The uniqueness of Follow Me lies in the filming innovation: the sequence is entirely captured by a FPV drone pilot (for ‘First Person View’). To ensure full immersion, the two protagonists are not allowed to make any mistake.
They must perform a perfect run and avoid any collision. “On one of the jumps, I’m 20cm away from his helmet”, said Tomz.
A true technological and human challenge. Adjust the right proximity for one, get used to the sound of the drone for the other, follow the right flight lines for both, many parameters needed to be integrated to achieve a flawless performance. “It’s like taking people with me on the bike”, explains Tom Pagès, who performs four of his iconic freestyle motocross tricks. The result will immerse you in the heart of the action, a first in the FMX world!

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