FPV Racing for Beginners

Getting into FPV racing can be intimidating after you watch youtube videos of experienced guys hauling ass around a racetrack. If you are new into the sport and never raced before it can be tough to get up the ‘testicular fortitude’ to jump in head first. Many pilots end up saying “I better stay over here on the sidelines”. Catalyst Machineworks sponsors a periodic FPV drone race which aims to provide a format and location for beginnings to break into FPV racing! This event is not just a race but also concentrates on teaching new pilots how races function, what all the lingo means, how to set the channel on your video transmitter, etc… If you have never raced before or are relatively new and inexperienced this is the event for you! Keep an eye out on http://www.multigp.com/races for our next race.

Thanks to John Shrout of Htown FPV running the show! What a great idea you came up with. The race was a success! Also, a shout out to Jacob Willson from sQUADron FPV for assisting Mr. Shout in running the races.

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