MultiGP MMRC Drone Racing Open Class – Heat 1 Race 2

This was Thomas’ first heat for the day and what a race!! He got his usual good start, but half way through the heat Ryan started to make serious ground, so Thomas kept slowly upping the pace. On the final Lap Ryan decided to firewall his quad and catch Thomas no matter what and hit the trees on the final straight!

Great race times, great racing and lots of fun by all.

Special thanks to MMRC for organising this first outdoor race.

Timer added in Post 😀

Thomas’ Quad
Avada R240
T-Motor 2204
Little Bee ESCs
Cleanflight 1.9
HK Nanotech 1300 4S Pack
HQ5045 Props
GoPro Hero4 Black Edition

Thanks to the following:
Andreas Neubauer of the FPV Air Race Masters FB Group for the Overlay design. I used his basic layout and edited it in post, but the times should still be every accurate . . well within 1/60 of s second

GoPro Ground Footage
by Youtuber

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