Rc Boat Launch Recovery FPV with Gopro700:00

Welcome to the channel, my name is Justin and I’m here to share my Rc experience from south Florida with all of you.

Well guys… after building a trailer for the twin haul Genesis speed boat for a customer of mine, I just had to bust out my Trx4 Sport and Ft011 speed boat for a little boat launch and recovery!
There was a ton of seaweed grass along with some pretty choppy waters. This did not make me comfortable with testing my brand new gopro 7 on the boat for the first time 🀞🏼😬🀞🏼

πŸ› Watch my D.I.Y video on a V-haul boat trailer build here: https://youtu.be/59X9QzjCDHw

πŸ›  Watch my D.I.Y video on a Twin-Haul boat trailer build here: https://youtu.be/iN_A0tkAKHk

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