Retrofitting a ZMR180 for High Wind Handling FPV Acro Racing Quadcopter Drone

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 (Dual mode with FPV and LOS Cameras)
Recording Camera (On Quadcopter) – RunCam 2 held in place and at an angle by InstaMorph and zip ties at 23 degrees. Also recording at 1080P 60FPS.
HS1177 (IR Filter, Top Video Connector, default settings, mounted at ?? degrees with moldable plastic.
More zip ties.
LOS Camera (On Goggles) – 1/3” Sony CCD HD 720p 700TVL Mini CCTV Camera 2.1mm Lens (NTSC).
Video Transmitter – BOSCAM 600 and Aomway 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna (RP-SMA) (RHCP)
Video Receiver – Aomway RX004 DVR 5.8G 32CH Video Receiver and Aomway 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna for TX/RX (SMA) (RHCP)
RC Loc8ter Lite
BLHeli (Defaults From Banggood Stock – Purchased 11/2015 – Need to update firmware to tweak or find out settings)
RCX H2205 2633KV Motors
DAL “Indestructible” 4045 Tri-Blade Bullnose Props
Mb 1300 graphene 5s / New Multicopter Builders 1300mah 5s
Lumenier 4Power Mini PDB w/ Pololu 5V 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator. I added an independent 12V 3A regulator from Banggood also so it could handle 5S.
FrSky D8R-XP
Turnigy 9xr Pro
Cleanflight v1.12.0
Oneshot 125
looptime reads as 500 (default 2000)
motor_pwm_rate 600 (default 400))
PID 2 (Luxfloat V2)
ROLL 1.5, 0.036, 8
PITCH 1.7, 0.038, 8
YAW 2.5, 0.100, 0
LEVEL 15.0, 0.050, 75 (No trust in Horizon mode right now)
ROLL rate 0.50
PITCH rate 0.50
TPA 0.10
TPA Breakpoint 1600
RC Deadband 6
Yaw Deadband 6
RC Rate 1.0
RC Expo 0.69
RC Yaw Expo 0.26
RSSI Channel 8 – I feed the signal strength from the Radio to this channel for Blackbox to log.
BlackBox enabled at low rate for SPIFLASH (On-board data flash chip and 1/16)
emf_avoidance = OFF, acc_hardware=1, baro_hardware=1, mag_hardware=1,
gyro_lpf=OFF, gyro_sync_denom=4 (it makes looptime 500 when you specify looptime=0)

??? grams w/o battery
??? grams w/ battery
?? grams of the above measurement is the moldable plastic to mount the camera at an angle.

Edge of Remorse (Creative Commons) by Scott Buckley is licensed under a Creative Commons License. –

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