UAVFutures FPV Drone Racing Test Track – Overview by Stew

We had the opportunity to get together with Stew from UAV Futures Youtube channel and in this video Stew runs through the layout of the UAV Futures Test track that’s used for testing of all his review quads.

We had a total blast getting together with Stew and Trev 😀 both amazing guys, so down to earth. Below I have a link to the video Stew did on the day and a number of people wanted to see Thomas’ DVR footage, so I’ve included that in this video. Synced it with a part of Stew’s video but its in no way a comparison because Stew was only cruising around the track while talking us through the layout, but irrespective it does show the lines Thomas was taking.

UAVFutures Channel

UAVFutures Video of this day

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18 Responses

  1. David Martin says:

    Love the “mash-up” intro! + Really want to come down to race Stewart’s awesome long track too 🙂
    A little scary to that Thomas is now old enough to drive, I’m sure he’s a sensible young man behind the wheel.

  2. Rajab Isskandarani says:

    nice job guys .nice to see people gathering from different palaces for one cause . keep up and gdaaaaaayyyy 🙂

  3. Zen Dumbo says:

    Lolol Gooday sooo cute!

  4. Sam Prudden says:

    Which suburb is it in?

  5. Flying Squirrel FPV says:

    I see you’ve switched to quad-blades. I’ve been on them for about 4 months despite seeing most racers on the tri-blades. I’ve tied a lot of tri-blades but always return to my RaceKraft 5040×4’s – they have such great grip.

  6. NJ Tech says:

    Haha loved it!

  7. Luke Godeassi says:

    Haha, love the Stew impression Thomas! Cool seeing the day from the perspective of you guys after watching Stew’s vid. Did Stew really get 5 mins of flight time from that pack? Or was it sitting plugged in for a couple of minutes. Might flight times are getting so bad, got to bring it in after less than two minutes normally, I think Thomas is the same.

  8. Tom Morton says:

    Has Thomas passed his driving test yet??


    Hahaha i almost forgot actually that all of you guys are living in the same part of the world 🙂
    Nice video Paul!
    Have a great week

  10. Bishop Vick says:

    I had to give a thumbs up just for the intro 😀

  11. alford35 says:

    LMAO nice!!! Are you going to load any of the footage where you were dominating STU?

  12. Marko fpv says:

    Love this ! 🙂

  13. QuadZilla says:

    great job from both of you. Thomas keep up the awesome flying!

  14. David Downs says:

    what would you reccomend fpv? i have been fpv race drone lately with fatshark attitude v2 stock module with spironets and tramp hv vtx and i do have time around park i loose signal and i wonder without causing issues with my visual the attitude v2 give me but with diversity what goggles should i do and what diversity?

  15. Davey Knowlton says:

    wtf dude your searing wheel is on the wrong side! lol silly Australians

  16. Mark Schear says:

    love the channel crossing, you guys make youtube great. love watching, fan of both. keep up the fast flying.?

  17. Expressive Imagery says:

    Nice one guys. It’s great to see the collaboration and fun that was had. I nearly chocked on my cereal when I saw Tom sitting next to the famous mini-quad wall 😀

  18. OdenFPV says:

    You 3 should make more vids together. Nice to see Stew in an angel like that, damn he is relaxed. Nice vid, looking forward for the next.

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