Use your Drone as a 4K Cine Camera…

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18 Responses

  1. sambasiva rao Athota says:

    From where do you get all this drones

  2. Arnold says:

    Excellent Video. The dislikes are mostly from Racist people.

  3. JIDDI mountaineering Dhiraj Patkar says:

    Hw mch

  4. Deepkamal Meena says:

    can you suggest how buy mavci pro drone

  5. Sardar Rashid Hamid says:

    achi video ha bot

  6. Funny Clips says:

    How much is this

  7. amos mashi says:

    What is the drone price

  8. sanjay sk says:

    bro can you do a video on the unboxing of the drone: TIANQU XS809W

  9. Shyam Chavan says:

    what is Indian price give me

  10. Sameer Md Sameer Md says:

    Bradhar superb…..
    How much price……
    Please u r no…..

  11. nikunj patel says:

    from where u buy this drone

  12. agasthi sriramakrishna says:

    How much cost drone

  13. Sabir Kalawdiya says:

    prize su he

  14. lijo jerone says:

    What is the price

  15. uday shinde says:

    Piz price 😀😀

  16. harthi Prabu says:


  17. ABDULLAH TV says:

    I want to buy

  18. Manoj Joseph says:

    telugu lo cheppochuga bro

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