FPV DRONE LAKE Exploring new worlds. First “Over Water Flight” at FPV Drone Lake! You may notice prior to launch, the dock rocking up and down and the waves rolling from right to left. This was actually one of the “less windy” days we’ve had in a while. “Only” about 20 mph steady winds on the FPV Drone Lake! Had plans to visit 4 islands in a circular flight path. After flying to the first one against a strong head-wind, noticed battery was draining fast-wasn’t going to make original flight plan! Then, started hearing “signal low” warnings from my Q X7! So, I immediately began turning around only to have lost my bearings and not able to find where I launched from—Oh No! Out in the middle of the lake with a battery draining, low-signal warning and nowhere to land and locate it later? What?! After searching for a little bit, re-located the “Dock of the Bay.” Whew!
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FLIGHT MUSIC: Sara Bareilles – Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay (cover)
Forged By Fire: A Celtic Battle Theme. Royalty/Copyright Free
An Epic, Celtic Battle theme inspired by the story of Willam Wallace. Composed by Moustro 2015

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