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“If you dream of changing the world, start with your school”

At the heart of a world that is changing very quickly and facing unprecedented challenges, the traditional school seems outdated and stuck in the last century. In recent years, more and more parents are turning hopefully towards alternative pedagogies, called “active”, long relegated as a pure utopia for sores. Despite curiosity and infatuation, little is known about what happens behind the doors of these classes of another type.

To try to unveil the contours of what could be the school of tomorrow, “Students in Freedom” immerses you in an institution that has been experimenting for 20 years another way to teach: the Athenaeum Léonie de Waha in Liège . This high school, which was dramatically in the news last May, offers an unformatted school path that places the student in the path of active citizenship, autonomy and freedom:

Film available summer 2019 (Grignoux – Liege – Belgium)

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