№1 Over Ostankino Tower : Personal quadcopter altitude record04:34

IamA reddit proof for my post on 25th Ocrober 2013.
Setting my personal FPV record on my trusty odl Hobbyking X666 with a DJI Naza controller.
Almost 1/2 a mile! 750 meters+ and hovering and doing rolls above the Ostankino tower in Moscow on VDNKh.
As of May 2013 it is the tallest freestanding structure in Europe and 6th in the world.
I’ve seen similar videos, but nobody seems to have done it in Moscow over this tower, so I presume it makes me the world first FPV pilot to fly above the Ostankino tower)

For those worried I was 100% of time above the lake)

My Hobbyking X666 quadcopter with all parts in this video

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony No 33 in B-flat, KV 319 – 3. Menuetto Trio

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