[450 size Quadcopter + Airborne Repeater] Long Range Low Altitude Flight — First Test (3km6km)10:01

This flight was accomplished on my 450 sized quadcopter with the help of airborne repeater (868 – 2.4 for RC + 1.2 – 5.8 for video) mounted on another 700 class quadcopter which was hovering at about 50 meters of altitude during the entire flight. That’s how I was able to fly such far and low. Maximum distance was about 2.8 km when the quad was over the field with the car parked on it.

Both quads were controlled from the same RC TX (Taranis QX7) thanks to 16 channels it has and to my ideas how to use them to fly both quads simultaneously 😉

The repeater quadcopter is capable of hovering for 95-97 minutes with all the equipment installed on it. This flight time should be enough to fly 450 quad to it’s limit of 20-22 km and back, if video link permits (haven’t tested it yet on such distances). I foresee to have some problems there, as it’s quite hard to fly beyond 10 km with only dipoles on both ends of the link. I’m going to test the range in the next flight, so stay tuned and expect to see more long range low altitude flights (which are way more interesting rather than watching the ground from bird’s eye perspective)

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