Bayangtoys X16 GPS “Upgraded Version” Drone Flight Test Review24:48

Finally got a chance to review the GPS version of this popular quadcopter. To identify the upgraded GPS version, it literally has a GPS label pasted on the top antenna dome. Find it here

– Selectable GPS Position Hold or Altitude Hold.
– Automatic return to home and landing on push of a button, loss of signal, and also apparently low battery. But I wouldn’t recommend relying on low battery RTH for all your flights as there may come a time when you’re too far away to make it back safely.
– Headless mode.
– Plenty of power to easily lift a GoPro, and should also be able to lift a stabilized gimbal as well.
– Good flight time at over 13 minutes with its 3S 2200mah battery.
– It’s one of the cheapest GPS brushless motor quadcopters out there.

– Lots of vibration and video jello. Will need to do prop balancing and or adding a dampened camera mount to reduce. Recommend the camera credit card mount as a quick and simple first try to reduce the vibs
– If flying at high speed, you may outrun the capability of the GPS system to keep up with the quadcopter. If toilet bowl effect (TBE) wobbling is noticed, simply slow down or stop to let the GPS catch up.
– Over 250 grams. Definitely requires FAA registration in USA.

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