Brief FINAL? cold weather flight of my BaYangToys X21 Brushless GPS Drone 11-20-18 (1080p) (1)05:26

Brief FINAL?* cold weather** pre-sunrise flight of my BaYangToys X21 Brushless Double GPS Drone 11-20-18 (1080p) (1).

Flight took place in the airspace over an vacant lot near the intersection of Ellinor Ave. and Olympic Hwy. S. in Shelton WA. USA at at 7:09am PST on 11-20-18 (or, “2018-11-20T07:09” or, “2018 20 Nov.” or even, “November 20, Twenty Stick-Infinity-Stick” if you prefer).

Weather conditions at flight time were clear with locally dense freezing fog (visibility ~55 feet (~16.7M); IFR for real pilots, VFR for very low-altitude R/C pilots), temperature was 32°F (0°C), and winds measured with my budalla “urina e skorpionit të kalbur” (stupid “rotten scorpion poddy*** yellow”) portable digital “windometer” (as JD from JD Quad in the UK calls them even though those things actually called, “anemometers”) 😉 were generally clam at the surface.

The music that you hear is the song, “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO.
This product is not audio (sound)-sensitive in any manner; the music may safely be ignored or even muted if it piddles you off.

That blue-green beam that you see during much of the flight was me waving my gosh darn-diddly-arm Directly-Injected 488nm Greenish-Blue (“cyan”) Laser Pen around the drone (I flew in foggy conditions specifically for this reason!)
Also for this very reason, I kept the drone’s altitude low.

L’un peu gros “paquet flamboyant de brindilles” (LE FAGOT BAISANT) dans Dieu damne le fauteuil roulant électrique que vous voyez est le pilote – moi évidemment! The somewhat fat “flaming bundle of twigs” (the fv¢k¡ñg F46607) in the gosh darn-diddly-arn electric wheelchair that you see is the pilot — me of course!

More info. on my website about the BaYangToys X21 Brushless Double GPS Drone at by early-December 2018, the Directly-Injected 488nm Greenish-Blue (“cyan”) Laser Pen at and the anemometer that I used at

* Brief FINAL? because it hit overhead power lines and plummeted to the surface, causing the flight battery to be partially ejected out of the FRONT of the drone and completely breaking off its port (left) front motor. This *MAY* be repairable; but it will most definitely be one of those, “only time will tell” situations. 🙁

The damage: At least ¼ of the port (left) front pylon is totally missing (it probably disintegrated upon impact), the entire upper surface of the motor cowling is missing, the lower front of the fuselage has this big-ass crack in it (from when the flight battery was partially ejected), and the camera’s vibration-damping bracket is missing all four pins & washers.

Can the drone be made flyable again?
*MAYBE.* It’s a big maybe at this point. :-/

(Edit 11-21-18): It’s irreparable, but I do have another on the way — ETA 11-30-18. 🙂

** Cold weather in this context means an ambient temperature of 11°F (-11.7°C to 32°F (0°C) at flight time.

*** Scorpions (all arthropods, actually) do not hit the head like most people do (by storing their wee-wee in an expandable sac and then ejecting it through the urethra and into the loo when the bladder is full — the scorpion would have trouble flushing as well); therefore there is really no such thing as scorpion poddy. 😉

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