BWhoop B03 Altitude Hold Whoop Clone Drone Flight Test Review09:46

This tiny whoop competitor is very easy flier for new pilots, and also includes a power port if you wish to ease adding a AIO FPV camera. Just use some double sided tape, and plug its power port in, and you got FPV. Find it here , and find an AIO camera for it here or here .

– Good looking whoop competitor.
– It’s cheap.
– Includes alitiude hold.
– Combining its docile flight characteristics with altitude hold makes this a very good quadcopter for beginner pilots.
– Again, it includes a camera power port, enabling very easy conversion of this to an FPV flier with an AIO FPV camera.

– Very docile flier might make this somewhat boring for advanced pilots. But there is a non altitude hold version available for such pilots. Find the non altitude hold version here

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