DJI mini 2 Altitude + Range Test (Through the Clouds ☁️)09:05

DJI Mini 2 Drone through the clouds.
note that this was 2 separate flights with new batteries for each flight

P.S. thanks for the support on this video everyone almost 2k views 😊

Hello, because of some consent about local registrations of flight altitude. I must say that I don’t say my location nor show my full face in any of the video. There are countless of the same type of video on YouTube and it was a one time thing. The nearest airport is 45 miles south from where I was flying and the runways to that airport run east and west and it is a small regional airport. No flights were in the air at that time as I had checked airspace using a few websites and apps. Please don’t do this near any airport or big city that you.

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