DJI Phantom 2 Vision GPS RC Quadcopter With 5.8G Radio FPV Camera03:59

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High Performance Camera:
The Phantom 2 Vision’s camera is extremely high quality. It shoots full HD video at 1080p30/60i and takes 14 megapixel still photos.

Camera Tilt Control:
During flight, the camera is stabilized on the tilt axis. Tilt control can be remotely controlled through the App making it simple and easy to use.

Camera settings can be adjusted using your mobile device such as Picture Quality,
ISO settings, exposure compensation, white balance, RAW or JPEG
format wirelessly through the App.

WI-FI Connection:
Monitor real-time flight data along with live camera view up to a distance of 300m with a Wi-Fi wireless connection to your mobile device.

Album Synchronization:
Synchronize the camera’s SD card content through Wi-Fi directly with your phone’s photo album eliminating the requirement to connect to a PC.

Share your timeless memories directly from the DJI Vision Mobile App.

Precision Flight and Stable Hovering:
The integrated GPS auto-pilot system offers position holding, provides altitude lock along with stable hovering giving you constant stable flights so you can focus on getting the shots.

Radar Positioning & Return Home:
The flight radar can display the current position of the Phantom 2 Vision in relation to the pilot.
Exceed the 300 meter control range and you’ll trigger the ‘Return-to-Home’ feature which will automatically fly the Phantom 2 Vision back and safely land at its takeoff point.

Onscreen Real-Time Flight Parameters:
Keep track of the current flight status with the onscreen display overlay.

Long Flight Time:
The high capacity, high performance 5200mAH Lithium Polymer battery offers up to 25 minutes of flight time. Built in intelligence provides battery capacity data, over charge/discharge protection, as well as maintenance reminders making the battery extremely safe and reliable.

Integrated Smart Battery:
Integrated battery compartment allows battery changes in a matter of seconds.

Self Tightening Propellers

Package Included:
1 x DJI Phantom 2 Vision RC Quadcopter
1 x 5.8G transmitter
1 x Wifi repeater
1 x Smartphone holder
1 x Charger
1 x Battery
1 x Driver Screw
1 x Manual

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