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This whole channel started because of my Dji Tello , my 1st drone , probably the best drone of 2018 . a drone under 100$ . i was getting lot of comments about the Dji tello range getting improved with the new version. That was in some parts of europe so i was like lets do a Dji Tello range test or you can say a Dji Tello altitude test .
V01.03 gave me an altitude of 15m
i was like hmm thats a good altitude , also the range on Dji tello improves with a wifi repeater or using Tals app.
when i updated my Tello drone , to V01.04 i found that in U.S the range got limited to 10m

was i unhappy no, maybe a little bit but no. why? because i feel the drone feels little bit stable compared to the previous update and it was a little bit messy when you loose wifi signal , the drone actually hovers and wouldnot come down.
so this update made sure that the drone stays in range.

dji tello footage is of quality 720p @ 30fps but for under 100$ this thing is amazing.
dji tello flight time is about 12 mins but again it depends on wind speed.
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#tello drone altitude test.

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Thats all folks , fly safe.

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