Extreme Agility 6-Axis Quadcopter, WLToys V212 for Beginners AND Advanced05:01

This is the very nimble $49 WLToys V212 6 axis quadcopter. Great for beginners and advanced flyers alike. Great quadcopter for beginners and advanced alike.
Six axis stabilization allows sensing of uncommanded sideslip and dropping. Very sharp banked turns can be achieved easily with a six axis quadcopter. Such turns are extremely difficult with three axis quadcopters. Also, if the quadcopter is flying uncomfortably high, it can be rapidly brought to a safer altitude by simply cutting the throttle. Just increase the throttle when it gets close to the ground, it will right itself and achieve hover. Highly recommend that you consider a six axis quadcopter, especially if you’re new to quadcopter flying. The V212 is one of the best quadcopters for beginners to learn to fly.

New to quadcopters? Then please visit . A great source for what you’ll need to know.

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