FreeX SkyView Quadcopter More Flight Testing and Updates07:26

This Quadcopter is not an OFM Product. Its Taiwan FreeX Group, FreeX Quadcopter

SkyView Quadcopter, is a 350 Size Quadcopter all ready to fly for aerial filming with GoPro 3. Its complete all in one Ready to fly solution with everything depending upon the combos released later.

Now do not take our SkyView for just another 350 size quadcopter. We have put this machine to careful thorough testing for over a year and now we are very close and getting ready to release it.

Using a new breed of Flight controller FreeX and UAV grade GPS, OFM SkyView offers amazing Stabilization (its impossible to crash it by any beginner) and Superb Flight characteristics and at the same time Solid GPS Position, Altitude and Attitude Hold. Not only this, it also offers unique Selectable Smart Failsafe for Auto Return to home and land and or Hover at last known position for safety purposes.

SkyView for sure is the Next Generation 350 Size Quadcopter that will come Full Ready To fly with everything needed including Brushlesss gimbal for GoPro 3 and 1.5km Range 9 channel Radio System.

In this video you can watch more updates and more flight testing of SkyView Quadcopter.

Get hold of your cash and savings, you can’t resist buying SkyView.

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