GTeng T911W Star Fold WiFi FPV Altitude Hold Camera Quadcopter08:16

GTeng T911W Star Fold WiFi FPV Camera Quadcopter features altitude hold mode. It also features similar toy grade quadcopters features found in 1000s of other similar toy Quadcopters like One key take off and land, one key return home (Compass based – lol be ready for some funny results), headless mode, 360 flips etc. It is equipped with a 0.3 Megapixels camera that takes standard definition videos and stills that are stored right on your phone. You can also enjoy WiFi Real time video to frame your shots. Eachine E53 is a fun little Quadcopter but do not expect more from this toy grade quadcopter. Originally its advertised as the first toy grade drone that can be flown with Voice commands using its app. Sadly its nothing but dreamy idea. Even its original app failed to work with the quadcopter. However you can always download any WiFi Quadcopter app and or if you have had other similar Toy Camera quadcopters, just go ahead and use their app, which will work just fine. Nonetheless its fun little quadcopter with a unique folding design on it.

You can order it here

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