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The Hasakee H2 Mini Nano RC Drone is a great stunt quadcopter for under 30 dollars at https://amzn.to/2TqgnGw

It’s very quick, responsive, and can do a lot great tricks. Also sold as the Avialogic H12:

I really like the controller/case. It keeps all the contents and props, and accessories inside the controller. When finished flying, just put the drone in the case and go. It’s a lot of fun to fly.
I’m super impressed as to how well it flies outside. I flew it in some heavy wind and it had no problem cutting through the wind. This is small and very powerful nano drone. The light on the front helps a lot with orientation. Another favorite feature is the spinning feature. Press the button and it starts spinning and it’s just super cool. Very impressed how well it flies. I got it for my son; however, I love flying it too. Charges in under 30 minutes and gives a good 6-8 minutes of flight time. Very happy and highly recommend this drone for anyone looking for a cool indoor/outdoor flyer. Also recommend taking to a large gym to fly. This Nano drone can cooks fast in a gym and it rocks.

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