New OFM Jumper 600 Low Cost and Powerful DIY FPV Quadcopter09:45

OFM Jumper 600 Quadcopter is a low cost Quadcopter designed for FPV and Aerial filming with GoPro cameras. OFM Jumper using DJI Naza M GPS Lite System offers solid GPS position hold, Attitutde and altitude hold, Intelligent Orientation control, Auto Return to home and land on demand and auto return to home and land if control signal is lost.

I have carefully thought out the power combo, motor, escs and Propeller combination for OFM Jumper 600 Quadcopter to offer Extreme power and performance yet at the same time a good balance of Flight time while flying that fast thrilling FPV. Now if you want a kit that you can build yourself and after that, dodge trees or fly slaloms among trees and electric poles, wanna fly extreme high and dive straight down, fly ultimate smooth and extreme close to ground, pick up all those FPV Challenges you have ever wanted, the new OFM Jumper 600 is going to be your best friend.

OFM Jumper 600 will come in two different versions and will be sold as ARF kits only in the beginning to give people the chance to learn to build and to get it at very affordable prices.

OFM Jumper 600 Lite will be a 3S battery Setup while OFM Jumper 600 Standard will be a 4S battery setup for more power and payload lifting capabilities.

In its current Lite setup, its fully capable of lifting a small Brushless GOPro 3 Gimbal with Camera to bring you amazing Stable footage.

Watch this unofficial maiden FPV Flight video. Later aother beautiful FPV flight video on 1.5km stretch area at river side is coming soon.

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