Parrot Disco Drone Landing from High Altitude with strong wind – Angola05:20

#ParrotDiscoJ2RC – Parrot Disco Drone landing (Full Automatic Landing) from 500 meters with strong wind (two cam perspective and external sound)… The flight was in conditions of strong wind! Flight in Angola! Let’s go forward together! Regards

Parrot Disco Drone Landing from High Altitude with strong wind – Angola – Disco 20200613154525+0100

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Warning: I emphasize that this flight was carried out in an isolated place, far from any route of airplanes or helicopters, always in controlled and visual conditions. Any malfunction that occurred with the Parrot Disco would not endanger people, animals and material goods. This flight was carried out strictly for testing purposes and should not be used as a model or reference for the use of this equipment!

When I think of flying fast and safe, I think of flying one of my Parrot Disco Drone… I have no doubt in saying this, I have never flown to this day another device as reliable and as flexible as the Parrot Disco. Parrot Disco wind response is just amazing, the best I haved tested until today…

I learned to fly alone with him! We can learn to fly, maneuver, fly at great speed, and then do a Flight Plan and make a fully automatic flight with immense safety… To me, the Parrot Disco Drone is a device with exceptional qualities. I regret that your sale has been interrupted and your support has almost been abandoned…

Parrot Disco is a fixed-wing drone whose unprecedented aerodynamic design and capabilities distinguish it from the rest. Parrot Disco landing is very easy to learn and is almost automatic…

Parrot Disco battery life has 45 minutes and is equipped with advanced automatic control and a Full HD Camera to create great Parrot Disco footage. You can pilot the Parrot Disco with a compatible remote control (RC) or with the Parrot Skycontroller 2. Parrot Disco Speed test? With the Parrot Disco, reach 80 km/h in flight with its powerful motor. My top speed, until today, is 118 Km/h… The Parrot Disco drone comes with a 1080p Full HD front camera stabilised on 3 axes.

Parrot Disco Flight Plan is prepare pre-programmed autonomous flights from your smartphone or tablet using FlightPlan (in-app purchase). Create customized routes for your drone easily by selecting GPS waypoints on your screen. Hit take-off and watch your drone do the rest!

The heart of the Parrot Disco, the Parrot Disco Chuck (Control Hub & Universal Computer for Kits). The Parrot Disco CHUCK processes Disco’s altitude, airspeed and balance by monitoring the data from the built-in inertial navigation system, GPS and sensors.

Take off on an adventure and automatically return to the launch point with this fully-assisted navigating mechanism (Parrot Disco CHUCK). Play with altitude, speed, turns, and the camera: stability is guaranteed thanks to our anti-stall system. Concentrate on your experience and we’ll take care of the rest!

With the FreeFlight Pro app, you can define a safe flight area (maximum/minimum altitude and maximum distance) and activate the ‘Return Home’ function which allows the Parrot Disco to automatically return above its take-off location.

#ParrotDisco (JDC) – 13/06/2020

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