Parrot Mambo Minidrone Claw and Gun Drone Flight Test Review11:49

This advanced mini quadcopter includes a remote controlled gun system, claw, effective position hold, and acoustic altitude hold. This little drone automatically hovers more steady than many GPS quadcopters. Find it here and use coupon HTY6PMM

– Remote controlled gun fires up to six airsoft pellets from its magazine.
– Remote controlled claw to carry or drop payloads.
– One of the first drones to implement an effective optical position hold system, along with an acoustic sonar altitude hold. This drone automatically holds its hover position well, even in light wind.
– Can also take photos directly beneath the quadcopter using the optical sensor.
– Programmable LED’s, exteremely bright and great for night flying.
– Controlled via an app using a Bluetooth connection your phone and the quadcopter. The FreeFlight Mini app may be found on Google Play here or iTunes here

– Low resolution 0.3MP photos with the camera. Camera can only take photos directly beneath the quadcopter. Photos are also overexposed in bright daylight.
– Proprietary battery.
– Bluetooth control is relatively short range at less than 20 meters.

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