This is a flight demonstration of this new quadcopter from Potensic, available at Amazon.Com This quad features hover/altitude hold and Wifi video camera for use with Android and IOS Systems. Wifi Demonstration will be provided shortly in a separate video.

At the time of recording this first flight demonstration video weather conditions were clear with 2-5 mph north/northwest wind and gust to 8 mph.

This is a fantastic new quad from Potensic. The hover/altitude hold feature both work great. Perfect for smooth hovers for photographs/video and very effective for worry free flying about at a set altitude. I found no problems with this function whatsoever. This quad is a little larger than the Syma X5C1 and features a new blade design that seem to be great for this quad. When you first power up the quad the controller starts at 50% power. Which at the time of this demonstration flight was too low for maintaining control in today’s wind so I increased to 100% for this video to have sufficient power for the best possible control.

Handling is smooth with this quad thanks to the altitude hold feature. Just get to your desired altitude and take your hand off the left control stick and fly at that altitude with the right control stick. I would not recommend that beginners fly in winds above 1-2 mph else you risk a “fly away” and/or severely damaged quad.

This one is definitely imo a five star quadcopter at a great price with super fast shipping on amazon.com

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