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Building a “Drone” is fun and easy once you get the basics down. This is the first episode in a series with the goal to build a general purpose “learner” quadcopter in the FAA registration exempt 250 gram class. This episode focuses on the many components commonly found in this type of model aircraft and breaks down how they all come together to function.

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Cheaper parts available from China direct resellers. We always advise buying extras of each component in case of DOA or problems during building. These amazon links are for Shannon’s Amazon Associates account. By shopping via these links you are helping fund future podcasts – thank you!

Carbon Fiber 210 mm H frame (QAV210 or similar)

Power Distribution Board with 5 Volt and 12 Volt regulators

M2 Nylon Standoffs and Screws

NAZE32 Flight Controller

4x 20 Amp Electronic Speed Controllers with BLHeli firmware

4x Brushless Motors, either 1804 2300-2400KV or 1306 3100KV

4x Carbon Fiber 5030 Propeller either 3-hole or 1-hole depending on motor mount (2 clockwise, 2 counter-clockwise)

1x Spektrum compatible DSM2 or DSMX Satellite Receiver

Please watch: “Bash Bunny Primer – Hak5 2225”


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