Aeronaut fpv Featherlight 190 sub 250g 5″ including battery20:33

Many thanks to Adam Featherstone and for sending it.

Frame – or

Adam’s youtube channel –

rotorbuilds link –

rcgroups page for initial discussion –

Runcam Split is an interesting challenge. I think my 20×20 fc and esc are lighter than the asguard. Would need to shave around 20g from the build. If I remember the rotorgeeks are a gram or two lighter than the cobra. The runcam Nano is lighter than the micro, and the vtx02/03 is lighter than the unify. Would need to increase height though. Hmmmm 🙂

For the record the drone regulations sort of make sense if you’re flying a GPS drone. They make no sense whatsoever to racing quads. The existing guidelines cover everything we do, and if some Muppet decided to do 80mph in a busy area feel free to handcuff him. Until I do, jog on.

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