AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera vs Gopro Hero3 Black Edition02:40

This was a comparison of the Akaso Action Camera EK7000 and the Gopro Hero3 Black Edition. The Akaso is a cheap Gopro knock-off costing only $79 dollars as of November 2016. The Gopro Hero3 is a better camera and costs about $150 dollars on eBay as of November 2016.

The quality of the Gopro is better and produces a more realistic image. The underexposed areas yield much better quality and have less contrast which is helpful in post should you want to make color or light adjustments. Freeze the video and check out the shaded areas and you will notice the Gopro maintains better detail.

For the money, the Akaso is quite respectable. You really can’t complain for the cost, and the Akaso comes with a lot of mounts and accessories. The Akaso has a LCD screen on its backing which can be helpful.

Overall, it is a matter of preference, slightly better quality vs. cost.

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