Drone Fail – Night Flight and Fall – I thought it was a Gonna00:00

First off, this was a good few years ago long before the drone code ever existed, and it was my first drone a very basic Syma x8 with some bright LED lights I’d fitted on it. I flew it one evening to get some night time footage. No RTH or anything like that. Got some height and after a while I saw it tumbling from the sky out of control. It had lost the signal. Out of range I guess. On the video you hear the motors stop and the air rushing past as it fell. A heart stopping moment and real adrenaline rush! as I thought I’d never see that, or the camera it had on it again. It was only a few seconds, though it felt like an eternity. Then a few seconds on I realised it had a signal again and I regained control. Flew it back towards me, landed and retrieved it. Video doesn’t show landing, Lesson learned. I didn’t do that again.

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