Funny Drone Crashes Compilation – 201503:20

Drone Crashes and Fails. The funniest videos of drones crashing.

A collection of some hard hits and epic drone fails. Sometimes when you push it to the limit can be your downfall.

Watch the DJI Phantom 2 Vision + and DJI Inspire 1 getting smashed to smithereens by some pilots who just had bad luck, and others who lacked skill.

FPV Mini Quad racing comes with all the risks that could ever be associated with flying Quad copters and Multirotors, see how Charpu FPV crashes his lumenier QAV250 mini quad into a hole in the wall at full speed, and others who just landed up being checked by a gate at an FPV Drone Racing Grand Prix.

Some quads in this compilation went for a swim and landed up doubling as submarines and underwater fish spotting vessels. Perhaps attaching a line to a DJI Phantom and hovering it ABOUVE the water is a better idea for fishing with a drone.

It could be a Radio Control signal failure, or a damaged propeller that leads to the downfall of a QuadCopter. Sometimes a DJI Phantom will decide to return home, despite what obstacles could be in its way, and some pilots who fail to notice Low battery warnings all land up paying the ultimate price.

The Flip of Death and spontaneous roll overs that could always leave you with a mountain of expensive drone repairs.

We also found a surprising amount of videos of Drones being hit by cars and run over by trucks, race cars or quad bikes. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to play in traffic?

All and all, there are some epic drone fails and crashes, and lucky for us all of the footage is usually captured in crisp high definition Go Pro videos that we can all look back on an laugh at.

Remember to fly your Radio control craft responsibly and safely at all times, and always ensure you have planned your flight, and have a backup in case of an emergency landing.

Thank you to all the pilots who made this video possible.

R.I.P to all the Quads and Multirotors that never made a full recovery.

Credits :

Song : Push it to the limit (scar face ) by Battle Beast


Airplane-Dropped LaRue PredatOBR Rifle Shoots Down DJI Inspire Drone.
By LaRue Tactical
shot down a DJI Inspire drone hovering at 203 yards.

Blackout Mini H – Lucky Crash
Jerry Wansing
I was racing against some motocross riders and quad riders.
My roll was to slow and crashed on the circuit.

DJI Drone Inspire 1 Crash | Failure to Launch
Mark Taylor
DJI INSPIRE 1 Crash into Garage.

DJI Phantom flyaway crash // Fishing mode enabled
Drones Away

drone crash
maksym nowak

DJI Phantom 2 crashes on after a sudden powercut during first day real testing. When applying power up the power gets cut and the drone crashes braking the quadcopter and the zenmuse H3-3D.
By Drone Videos

Watch Video Drone Destroyed In Rush Hour Traffic But GoPro Survives..

FPV crash #2
Once again it happened…
Suddenly the quad just dropped down. When I later watched the video I recognized that there was a short beep and the motors seem to shut off.
FPV: Fatshark Attitude v2 Set (5,8 Ghz)
RC: Spektrum DX8 / AR6210 receiver

FPV crash QAV 250 Racer Race Track Gate Mobius ActionCam

Gate Check

Left Behind –Crashes
People wanted blood!! So here!! 🙂 Original full video:

Mini Quad Racer CC3D FPV Crash Parque Marinha
Eduardo Gabriel Kieling Junior

Phantom Quadcopter Vs. Semi-Truck (Drone Loses) – Hilarious…..
Eric Goldstein
Friend of mine caught this goofball with a Phantom Quad trying to get some footage of a truck race.

Quadcopter gets Shotdown

FPV Quadcopter – Gun CAM

DJI Phantom 2 Drone + GoPro Hero 3 : Epic Crash Hits Football Goal Cross Bar
Rising View

DJI Phantom crashes in a car race
Drones Away

DJI Phantom Drone crashed at a wedding (Fail)
Tech Advisor
At least the GoPro survived!

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