Phantom 2 Crashes in the Grand Canyon – Epic Drone Fail01:42

I never thought I’d crash my drone in the Grand Canyon, but I did. Scariest flight of my life. I never thought I’d be able to see it again and my heart sank.

Determined to find it, I left the motor running which allowed me to hear where it was as it echoed through the rocks. We slowly hiked our way down the rocks and retrieved. Only one blade was broken and another one slightly nicked. No other damage happened to it and it still flies fine. I’m just sad that I couldn’t keep filming as there were some other gorgeous shots I was hoping to capture.

I’m still unsure as to what caused the crash. I believe it may have been a bird or something. Right before the crash you can see a bird fly off and some of my brothers that were watching thought they saw another bird near the quadcopter. If you watch the video crash in the end, you can see pieces of the blade break which causes me to wonder if the blade even broke in the air or not? What other way could have it crashed? I don’t think the wind was too strong to alter it like that, and the way it rocked back and forth as it fell leads me to believe it had to be the back blade malfunctioning. But how it really happened I still do not know.

Any thoughts? Please comment below.

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