SJRC S-Series S30W GPS Drone + Failed Motor10:59

Here is a quick look at the SJ RC S-Series S30W Quadcopter. My plan was for this to be my first drone to learn / play with until I get a better / more professional drone (waiting on DJI Mavic Pro 2 or Autel EVO to be released). This one worked well while it lasted. Fair stability and control for a drone of this size and price-point (with GPS) … until the motor died.


If you do choose to purchase this product on Amazon, you can use the above link. At no extra cost to you, Amazon will pay me a small commission. My affiliation with Amazon has absolute zero influence on my opinions, which I honestly provide in both positive and negative reviews that I have done. Due to the growth of my channel over the last several years, I joined amazon affiliate program in 2020.

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