Syma X8C Big Size Outdoor Radio Control Quadcopter with Camera10:47

Syma X8C is the latest Quadcopter with 2MP camera from Syma. It’s a big Quadcopter but sadly a failed attempt to copy the DJI Phantom. However, still it’s a cheap option for those who want to learn to fly a Quadcopter outdoors with a big sized Quadcopter.

Syma X8C does not offer any GPS features. But it has a mediocre quality 2MP Camera which honestly is nothing but a waste and disappointment.

Quadcopter itself is a big nice quad and very stable flight performance. I still have to see how it handles the winds outdoors. And if it can carry any other cameras.

Enjoy the indoor review. We will post outdoor flight testing later.

Order Syma X8C here using this discount code: syx8c25

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