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Ultimate compilation of UAV/drones vs Humans, either people getting beaten by drones or drones getting smashed by people, entertaining and also educational! Careful where you fly, mind your surroundings and don’t invade peoples privacy!
Fly Drones Safely, Calibrate Before Flying, Don’t let the battery die down past 20% and watch out for those aerial invaders!

It does sound like a swarm of bees when you are flying it around! This is not a fail and win compilation or best of or summer, compilation, this is simply a drone crash compilation, massive amazing crazy drone crashes! did you notice the lol fail epic win fails in 1080p compressed from 4k compilation february march april may june july august camera
windy sunset nyc firstflight phantom2 phantom3 new ocean hero4 hero3 2015 amazing dji2 rise inspire1 djiglobal owned digital flying sky hextacopter octocopter enjoy the sunshine fresh nature, future air and waves! From drone attacks in Pakistan to military drones, drone aircraft technology is here, while we probably wont see any intentional drone strike or rise of the drones we will see however high definition (hd), hd drones flying about in residential neighborhoods.

Because it isn’t a drone war, drone aren’t illegal, flying a drone in public space has recently been regulated by the faa (federal aviation administration),
it appears drone commercial aircrafts and drone consumerism technology is outpacing government regulations and laws. Drone warfare is real and so are killer drone but this isn’t one of them dji innovations a very popular Chinese startup company creating the phantom, also seen in: brooklyn 99, south park, dji phantom, inspire, inspire 1, dji inspire 1, are very famous and well known in the UAV Aerial QuadCopter Multi-Rotor flying community. While RC cars have been popular for a very long time, we now see a rise in popularity with RC Aircraft such as this quad copter. In this video you can see raw footage,
4k quality will be supported soon on my channel, you can see the wing, propeller, and the entire body of the drone all in 1080p, hd video.

You can even watch while flying using oculus rift or by ipad,
attaching hdmi cable, in a modular format. You will see motor being active as-well as the acceleration and throttle of this drone, I am the pilot, and not calling down any air strikes, you can see similar videos on the verge, tech, technology, news, reviews: verge drone, mkbhd drone, tested drone all have done similar videos on the same topic. You must be prepared for a drone crash, even though they are easy to fly drones sometime have a mind of their own. Funny drone crash on syndicate channel drone crash into a wall, unmanned aerial vehicle.

You can see that the top drone is a must have: parrot, ar, drone, uav, vs, hexo+, hexo plus, plexidrone, wearable, nixie, skycontroller, drone app, are all basic features included and extra purchases vary. You can see a flight test, review, flight, long range, tutorial, advanced flying, advanced drone pilot, piloting, drone flying lessons, all on my channel. Some other features this drone supports: airdog, mariner, waterproof, go pro, hero, fpv, hero 4, hero 3, rolling, spider, vision+, camera, comparison, inspire one, gh4, gimbal, 5dmk3, you can also see this equipment at: testedcom, rc, nab, dji uav, remote control, drones with deadmau5, exploring drones with deadmau5, Shooting drones with deadmau5 and MKBHD.

deadmau5 even flies drones! drones are also known as phantom 2, dji phantom ii, dji phantom i, or any entry level drone because they are quadrotor flying uav and drones is a media word to demonize these types of aircraft. Entry level flying techniques need to be practiced before flying drones especially if first time flying drone, the verge has a good drone review on a 3-axis gimbal camera drone, mkbhd uses oculus rift with ben popper who test pilot the drones. This makes an awesome christmas gift! or for any holiday, yes i’m flying it off of cribs, this is brand new technology, find more tech, news, and reviews at the verge update, or even checkout deadmau5 full album (when he’s flying his new toys).

This Video Is a non-profit video.


Caught on Camera: Drunk Neighbor Smashes DJI Phantom 3 Drone…

Roman Candle Attack Drone 2.0…

Wedding Crasher Drone Wrecks Picture Pose…

Drone Hits Man In The Head…

Drone helicopter spies topless woman…

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