Aerial Surveillance Quadcopter with 30X Optical Zoom HD Camcorder20:48

Eagle Eye Aerial Surveillance Quadcopter with 30X Optical Zoom Cam is a great Quadcopter for all kinds of aerial surveillance and security, law enforcement use. Not only that, there is a wide range of fields where we can actually benefit with the 30X Optical Zoom Camera on board Eagle Eye quadcopter. Just to name the few, SWAT, Police force, Law Enforment, Riot Watch, neighborhood Aerial patrol, Firefighting, Fire watch, Crop watch, security watch, you name it.

With Z-T30 3 axis professional brushless gimbal, Eagle Eye offers very steady aerial shots and precise zoom shots from air. Not only that, our offer, the single operator system will take only one person to not only fly the quadcopter but also control the camera gimbal and Zoom controls on the Sony 30X optical zoom camcorder and get precise shots of their targets. This reduces the cost of hiring two persons to fly and control gimbal separately and also saves costs on purchases dual operator dual radio system setup.

By far, Eagle Eye is the safest quadcopter to fly in its category. Eagle Eye is equipped with fully autonomous flight capable Dual Redundency and Dual GPS Gemini Flight control System that offers 256 GPS waypoints using Android phone or android tablet GCS and Google earth Maps. Dual redundancy Flight controller reduces the risks of Flight controller glitches and control is instantly seamlessly switched to other flight controller, in case one GPS or FC shows a glitch. Up upon this, there is the Emergency Parachute system that ensures the last minute safety concerns. In case a motor fails, speed controller gives up or any other mishap happens, Emergency parachute will open and save your quad, gimbal and camera equipment.

This is Indoor review introducing the Eagle Eye Quadcopter, its components, and showing its features plus how a single operator setup works with all its controls.

Eagle Eye quadcopter is available to order for single operator complete all in one Aerial surveillance version with 30X optical Zoom camera and live video System from the following link

Enjoy the review and we will post flight test videos soon

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