Brushless WLtoys 12428 GPS Speed Runs. 2s 3s Lipo. Off road09:58

Took the WLtoys 12428 out for some speed runs. 3900Kv Brushless with a 60A ESC. Only running a small 1300mah 2s & 1800mah 3s. I’m sure a better battery will give a bit more speed. But for off road this is pretty impressive!

Box ‘stock’ Speed for the 12428 says 50km/h, but my stock measurement was 35km/h

Full metal diffs, alloy ‘oil’ suspension. GoolRC 3900kv Brushless combo with 60a ESC. Large 2.2 Wheels and soft dirt tyres.


Motor/ESC Combo:

Metal Gears:


This will do standing backflips I am sure!

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