Bugs 3 in a Bugs 6 Shell – Test Flight00:00

First test flight in a park after rebuild. Disappointed to notice a bit of shake in the HD video, although it flew well. Next test will be with bullnose props. Early Magpie swooping season. Close pass at 3:05
YouTube Audio Library : Hulu_Ukulele – Chris Haugen
* MJX Bugs 3
* 2 Cell Turnigy 2.2 2200mAh 35-75C Discharge rate
* Red GEMFAN FLASH DURABLE 6042 6″ triblade props
* Will use Gemfan 6045 Bull Nose triblade props next time
* Y1 Lite HD cam at 1080p 60fps
* Original Black/Silver Jumper T8SG Transmitter
* Vifly Beacon Drone Finder

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