Final flight of the FlightLine F8F-1 Bearcat, bled off too much air speed in a left bank, Smashed it01:59

FlightLine F8F-1 Bearcat

Radio/Receiver: FrSky Taranis QX7S (Carbon skin)/FrSky S6R Receiver and FrSky MLVSS

Things I’ve modified on the F8F-1 and other work done:
– Motor: FlightLineRC 3648-880kV Brushless Motor from
– ESC: Freewing P-51D Old Crow 80A Brushless ESC from
– Carbon rod reinforcement in front section of fuselage from local HS
– Dremeled the bottom of the wheel dress since take offs and landings are done on a grass field
– Painted dummy radial
– Double Coat of Beacon Hobby Coat from

I run my FlightLine F8F-1 Bearcat on a 4s battery pack. I put the upgraded motor in, and put the stock prop adapter on the new motor. I accounted for the extra weight of the 4 blade setup, and paired the motor with the 80A ESC. The new power system brang the plane to life! (a very short, 1 day life). This was my favorite one of the 1200s so far, and the first flight of it being perfectly, mechanically trimmed.., Sure enough, I bled off too much air speed during a left bank, and dove it right into the ground! Same thing almost happened on my landing approach the previous flight. Guess I didn’t learn my lesson from the prior flight…but that’s ok, the Bearcat will fly again! Sometime…

Flying at the NVRC Flying Park. 7/1/2018

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