Hornet S – Speed Test LoS – flew past LVC! (2 of 2)04:48

After the last video FPV I wanted to see if I could squeeze a little more top speed out of it with LoS. I did manage a peak of 75 KPH but this quad really needs a longer run to get up to speed as throttle is slightly delayed in giving power, half as much as this again or double would max it out. I flew past the 1st and 2nd OSD LVC warnings and couldn’t see the flashing lights in the day, even with it on the ground after.

You can see in the OSD that 2nd lipo warning puts the Hornet back in STAB mode but at this point it was doing full whack so really tough to ‘feel’ the difference. The lipo charged up and balanced really well and although it did puff every so slightly, that swelling has reduced to almost nothing. Will be sure to do another measured time flight and see how much I may have hurt that poor, defenseless lipo. I also want to experiment with the tilt angle in the GUI and see if we can’t get 80kph or more.

Damage was 2 props, scuffs on the motor mounts and a crack in lower rear arm frame. I have since taken it apart, reinforced the area and it’s charged ready for more but this is not one to learn how to crash with as the plastic choice is not flexible.

JYU Hornet-S Playlist

RCGroups full review and disassemble pictures will follow shortly.

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