How to build a micro FPV quadcopter. Part 1

Step by step instructions on “How to build a micro FPV quadcopter.” Big thanks to micro motor warehouse for your support and wealth of knowledge. I had such a great time building this amazing quad. It was sooo much easier than I first anticipated. Everyone should build a micro. Fly all year round. Parts and extra info all in description

Frame- micro carbon H-

Flight controller- Alienwii-

(or you can use a beefs brushed board instead –

Receiver – lemon satellite RX-

Or if you want something that will work with your Taranis without the need for an external module you can try this –

Motors – but there is a whole lot to choose from at MMW.

FPV cam – FPV mini ultra light 520 line-

Video transmitter – Boscam tx5826 –

Antenna – 5.8ghz cl tx –

More detailed instructions on soldering together the vtx can be found here –

Or if you don’t want to make the FPV part you can just buy the all in one system from spectrum but i have not used this.


Wire harness –

Props – Parrot –

You can also use clear hubsan props, Cheaper but not as punchy or efficient –

Motor Feet-

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