How-To: Wire Your RC Car For A Clean Factory Look34:48

In this video Nick shows you how to wire your RC car for a clean factory look. He will be installing a Reedy ESC with all black 13awg wire and a shortened lead, Reedy servo also with a shortened lead, and a motor cooling fan. In this how-to Nick works on an RC10 B6.1, but the methods used can be adapted to any RC vehicle.

WARNING: When ever you use a soldering iron, use it in a well ventilated area with a fan to help pull away the fumes from you. Always wear eye protection and if you’re a minor, please ask your parent or guardian for permission and/or assistance. Some of the techniques in this video may be dangerous. Some of the methods shown in the video may also void the warranty on your electronic components. Perform these modifications at your own risk.

Jump To:
00:16 Safety
00:40 Tools & Items Needed
02:07 Installing Motor
02:40 Prepping ESC
03:25 Measuring and Prepping ESC Wires
05:30 Soldering Wires and Capacitor to ESC
08:02 Shortening ESC Receiver Wire
12:55 Installing Sensor Wire and ESC
15:43 Wiring Motor
19:45 Wiring Battery Connectors
24:49 Steering Servo
26:00 Installing Motor Cooling Fan
34:30 Wrapping It Up

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